Narrative Magic Press publishes authors in multiple genres. The press offers e-publishing across a wide variety of platforms, including such outlets as ibooks, Kindle, Barnes and Noble and other sellers. 


The Hot Desire Series

 Val and Brice find love.

Val and Brice find love.

Heat: An Erotic Romance by Ela Bell

Heat at Smashwords

Heat at Kindle: (Amazon)

 Sadie and Spenser create hot memories.

Sadie and Spenser create hot memories.

Desire at Sea by Ela Bell

Kara desperately wants love in her life, but she has dark secrets that prevent her from reaching her goal.  Alex is a sea captain about to change his life. When she stows away on his ship, she's in for a wild ride. Will they be able to overcome their challenges? 

Desire at Sea at Kindle

Desire at Sea at Smashwords

Under the fiction category, Narrative Magic Press publishes romance, thrillers, mystery, westerns and a number of other genres in the field.

Engaging Passion

 In print and as Ebooks

In print and as Ebooks


Romance writers are part of our publishing business. 

Fiction writers include romance novelists in several sub genres.




We publish non-fiction writers in areas that include essayists, popular in biography, memoirs, autobiography, scientific papers, literary and other criticism, journals and other content.


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We offer limited editing services and shepherd your manuscript through the e-publishing process. Consultations are part of Narrativemagic's services.



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Publishing consultation


Beth is too old for her sexy colleague, Ramon, and she has told him so. But he is determined to have her. But someone is trying to kill her, and she needs his help.

Follow their exciting story as their growing love is challenged.

The book is in print at Amazon and other outlets and as an ebook at ibooks and Kindle. 

Engaging Passion at iBooks

Engaging Passion at Kindle:

Engaging Passion in print

Writers within this genre include:

Ela Bell

Kate Ayre Campbell


Available at Kindle, ibooks, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and other ebook outlets.



To reach publishers, email at

  • Manuscripts are accepted January through November.
  • Please email manuscripts as Microsoft Word document in 12 pt type, Helvetica, Arial or similar font.
  • Single spacing, no space between paragraphs.
  • Include your name, email address, physical address if possible and phone number.
  • 409-745-6841
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Narrative Magic is a Limited Liability Company which publishes fiction and non-fiction primarily as ebooks but also as print texts..  All characters appearing in works published by NarrativeMagic are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The company also offers consultation and editing services.